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Floor Installation


How do I know what size carpet to buy?

We offer a free measuring service in which we can come to your house, survey any flooring spaces you wish to work on and work out exactly how much flooring you will need, keeping waste to a minimum. This takes the responsibility off yourself and into the hands of a professional.

How is Connaught Carpets LTD different from its competitors?

At Connaught Carpets we pride ourselves on the personal touches, having our own showroom where you can see and feel your new flooring rather than have to choose from stock photos online. All our staff have spent years training so are well equipped to guide you to the product that's right for you.

Can I take samples home with me?

Absolutely, we have a huge selection of samples in which you can take away to view in your home or workspace to make the best decision in your own time.

Why are carpets priced differently?

All carpets are made from different types of fibres. The fibre and the way the carpets is made dictates how much it costs. Cheaper fibres such as Polypropylene and Polyester can be significantly cheaper than a stronger fibre such Wool.

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