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Our Products

The best products, for the best price

Buying directly from the manufacturers, means you get the best price possible, with our qualified fitters it also means all guarantees will stand. All installations at Connaught Carpets are done to the manufacturers recommendation, meaning no corner cutting, no he said she said, any faults that appear over time with your floor or you are unhappy with can be dealt with in the correct manner and can be replaced if the product is at fault, giving you the ultimate piece of mind when you invest.


We are able to supply every brand of carpet possible and give excellent recommendations on which brands would suit your needs and budget. Whether you are wanting something luxurious to bury your toes in, something that can fight off the toughest of stains or something that is kind to the environment, we have something for you!

Woman Rolling Carpet


Low maintenance, high quality and thousands of designs. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are manufactured with the customer in mind, lifetime guarantees ensure eternal peace of mind when you buy LVT's from Connaught Carpets. Our team of professionals are available to provide a wide range of customisable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. LVT is a long term investment guaranteed to last. We do this job right so that may never have to replace your flooring again.


Safety flooring does exactly what it suggests, it makes a potentially dangerous environment  a safer space from the ground up. Polyflor, Forbo, Altro are just a few of the leading manufacturers of the worlds safety flooring. Our fitters have spent years training and working with these brands to ensure your space is the safest possible. Cove and cap, external mitres and hot works welding are common talk at Connaught Carpets.

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